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High low boost setup


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2 hours ago, johnny4ag said:

Setup high low boost with switch, link ecu fury....switch off 1bar switch on 1.8 bar...digital 1 is gp input....multiple boost table ....active tables 2 tables..table2 activation digital 1....need setup high low boost solenoid?

Sorry what? I'm not sure if anyone can understand your question. Please try it once again in other words. 

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It is still not clear what you are asking but a common set up would be as below.  2 wastegate tables, switched between via your switch.  When the switch is off it will use table 1, watsegate will be sent 0%DC, when the switch is on table 2 will become active and wastegate will get 50%DC.  These numbers are just made up to give you an example.


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