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Toyota 2zz VVTL-I


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you do run out of IO pretty quickly with a monsoon but you should just get there in a NA setup

from your 6x Aux outputs you would use:

  • VVT Solenoid
  • VVL Solenoid
  • ISC Solenoid
  • Thermofan trigger
  • Tachometer output
  • Fuel pump trigger

you wont have any spare to run Airon or a check engine light

If it's currently wired to run off a stock 2zz ECU you will just need to bridge the EFI relay feed to the main relay trigger (+B to MREL) so the system energises when the ignition is on.  For the VVT/VVL feed one side of the solenoids with ignition switched 12V and run the other side to the ECU Aux output's you have assigned.

In my 2zz turbo swapped AE82 I run a G4+ Storm, in another 2zz supercharged AE82 I've done it runs a G4+ Extreme.  I like to go with the Storms as a base level to provide enough IO to cater for any future requirements

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