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Need Help turning on Car


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10 kpa  MAP or -10 MGP (ie 90kpa)?

10kpa would be very low, typically you would only see this amount of vacuum on overrun and i'd be suspicious of your MAP calibtraion if you see this at idle.

90kpa (ie -10 MGP) is very high for a factory intake manifold and cams. You might see this with ITB's and big cams, but factory cams and manifold should give you 25-40 MAP (ie -60 to about -75 MGP) and 90kpa would suggest an intake leak or again, MAP calibration issues.


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Where in your log did you try to rev it higher? I can only see a couple points that might be relevant but I'm not really seeing a problem as such.

between 0:30 and 0:34 the rpm is just under 1500rpm but the map & TPS value look more like high idle than you actually trying to rev it.

At 1:11, 1:21, and a few other places it looks like you back off the throttle right as things get to 1500rpm. Are you holding the throttle right down at these points? You have what look like sensible fuel and spark numbers, no limiters etc.

You arent running one of the clutched throttle bodies off the altezza's or supra's are you that might be playing up? It really looks like something is restricting air flow through the throttle. If you pull the intake hose and twist the throttle manually (and watch the blade), can you get it over 1500rpm?



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52 minutes ago, Omi said:

Here another log file.it has a oem 3sgte throttle body and the butterfly opens all the way when car is on and it still doesn't past the rpm.I unplugged tps and I also installed different one and still does the same thing.

Log 2019-02-27 3;36;10 pm.llg 429.74 kB · 3 downloads

I dont think that your tps cause this problem.
I have same problem with my St205 but at 4000RPM. My triggers was off but no trigger errors. If your dont have a Trigger Scope try this and see if it just revvs past the 1500RPM. But you must calibrate the triggers with the proper way.
My triggers now are

Trigger 1   0    1000   2000   3000                 Trigger 2   0   1000   2000   3000

                0.2     1          1.6       2                                      0.3   1.7       3.2     4.5

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That TPS singal looks better but you still need to run a re-calibration as the first 10-20% of the pedal travel isnt being registered, but that isn't why its stopping at 1500rpm.

spark, fuel, afr all look normal.  Does it backfire/stutter/etc at 1500 or does it just sound like you're only holding your foot down 20%?

It still looks like a mechnical blockage somewhere. If you disconnect the intake piping at the manifold can you rev it higher? This will rule out blocked filter etc.

Can you spin the turbo by hand? if it were seized you could be blocking up both the intake and exhaust side which would do something like this.

Are your cams intalled properly? either cam being off by a couple teeth (or adjusted too far if they can adjusted) could show up like this.

The only ecu-ish thing I can see that might be relevant is that you still have your MAF hooked up, but its calibration is all wrong and the ECU thinks its a fuel pressure sensor! you dont have it configured to use this pressure in the fuelling calculations, so it shouldnt be relevant but its a bit strange. It also only ever shows "pressure" on overrun when you jump off the throttle. This was the same as your last log too. This could be your recirc valve opening and dumping boost, but you shouldnt have any boost there to vent as it never breaks 100kpa at open throttle. I'm not exactly sure what this means the fault is but if it were me i'd look into this a bit and see where it leads.

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The compressor wheel spin pretty fast, no cat exhaust flow good doesn't smoke, no AFM installed either.When it at 1500 it feel like it loses power doesn't backfire.Going to check the things all of you told me and some mechanical things

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