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G4+ Civic 92-95 plug in ecu


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Hello, I'm a tuner and I tuned some link ecu before but all are plug in or already wired from someone. I'm going to tune my firends civic eg with big turbo setup, I advised him to use Link ecu (he has hondata) because of antilag and also I want to cancel oem distributor. Can I wire honda k20 coil to Link plug in ecu or I buy for him a universal Link ecu and custom wire all sensors ? I tuned to many turbo civic on hondata but I'm new at Link and also I don't have too much experience on wirings. 

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22 hours ago, ClintBHP said:

The Plugin does have all the ignitions on the A connector, you will need to change the ignition settings to suit (Direct Spark and Falling Edge) plus adjust the dwell times.



Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 20.47.30.png

Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 20.47.51.png

Hi, thank you for reply. I found analog outputs after I saw you reply. I'm trying to have a starting map, I changed analog outputs and Ignition Output to "Direct Spark".
Is spark edge should be "Falling" ?

Is Dwell mode should be "Duty Cycle"? 



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