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Injectors Not firing


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Hi, I am probably overlooking some setting, however, I can not seem to get my injectors to fire when cranking the engine. The car ran for a little while, however, I had a wiring issue with my fuel pump and lost fuel. All have since been corrected and have constant fuel pressure and spark. The injectors work when I test them so I don't think it is a wiring issue. 

Set up:

2jzge - nonvvti with IS300 coilpack

Link Storm Black

Fast 33lbs injectors

CM Tune 5 Mod Trigger Setting.pclr

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On 3/17/2019 at 2:06 PM, Adamw said:

Your fuel density setting is wrong by a factor of ten.  See below.  Also your fuel table isnt suitable for modelled mode.  Import the attached fuel table.



VE Fuel Table .lte 1.39 kB · 5 downloads

Fuel Density is wrong by a factor of Ten because that is what is supplied in Baseline Tune for Toyota Supra 2JZ with PC Link. Only file that seems to have this error. Attached is Baseline Tune that comes with PC LINK ( Version . Open it and look at Modeled Fuel. Fuel Density value is set at 0.0775 g/cc from Link Tune. Didn't notice it when we loaded Tune. Assumed  Baseline Tune would have correct info.  Threw a bunch of calculations out of whack. 


Toyota Supra IV G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr

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Our Supra base map is set up as traditional.  None of these settings are in a traditional base map.  If you change to modelled then you must enter the correct settings to suit your engine & fuel.  That includes injector size, injector characteristics, engine size, fuel properties, etc.  You will also need to load in a fuel table that is suitable for VE as the traditional table will not be.

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Ah... that  sort of answers things . Are all the other default  Link Maps set up for Traditional or Modelling?  They all seem to have the correct Fuel Density settings. Seems a bit weird that this is the only one with the Fuel Density factor out by a country mile.  

Gabriel has different injectors , so went with Modelling. Assumed supplied  Fuel Density values would be correct. 

Didn't notice error right off the Bat, as it's normally a constant. 

Engine is Normally Aspirated as well. Only used supplied Toyota Supra  Turbo Tune to get some default ECU  values for start-up. All Tables were Custom altered for NA engine.  I'll work around it, by using Default Storm Map. That seems to have the correct Fuel Density values as well.   This time I'll triple check. I'll just have to re-work whole tune....   



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4 hours ago, Chickenman said:

I'll work around it, by using Default Storm Map. That seems to have the correct Fuel Density values as well

you can take the ignition table and most of the triggering etc from the supra map - ignition isnt affected by the fuel table config (except for AFR's impact on knock), but take the fuel table from any of the VE/modelled based maps. you'll notice that the majority of the VE fuel tables are relatively similar, because within reason most (stock) modern engines are in the same ballpark when it comes to fuel efficiency ranges. That should at least get it to run enough to start tuning it.

If you have already tuned a bunch of the WOT cells you could copy those into your "new" fuel table and then interpolate from the tuned cells down to the "copied from another map" cells so you are even more in the ballpark for starting figures.

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Yep... the above is exactly what I did.

As soon as I corrected the Fuel Density the VE Table came out nicely.  This appears to be much more realistic. Used to working on a different ECU make , that calculates Fuel Density in Background.... so incorrect Fuel Density value did not jump out at me. Lesson learned. 

 Attached is Baseline VE Table. Note I'. m using MAP on X axis instead of MGP. Also scaled for Normally aspirated engine. 

 Re-worked Tune attached with VE calculation for 300 cc injectors.  ( 33 lbs / 346 cc   at 58 psi. 28.5 lbs /  299cc at 43.5 psi  ).    DT values from independent testing.  https://ls1tech.com/forums/fueling-injection/1741597-specific-data-fast-36-lb-injectors-anyone.html

Note; Latency quite low on these injectors, which is why I'm thinking that VE Values seem to be higher than similar size injectors with Latency around 0.750ms at 13v. These are " apparently " 0.438ms  at 13v.

CM Tune 6 correct Fuel Density.pclr

Fast 33 lb Inj Latency 1.jpg

Link Tune 6 VE Table 2.jpg

Injector setup 1.jpg

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Progress update. Above VE Table came in quite Rich. Not sure why but I was expecting it off the get go. Quickly reduced VE Table by 15% overall and having Gabriel test again. We'll get there. 

 One possibility is that Independent tests of these injectors show they flow more than they are rated at. Fast 33 lb LS2 injectors. Fast isn't apparently much help with specs. 

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A couple of comments after looking at your tune...

  1. Turn off the IAT trim table.  The air density is already taken care of in the modelled fuel equation based on the charge temp estimation.  IAT trim table should not normally be needed unless you have to work around a heat soak issue or some other effect manually.
  2. Your charge temp approximation table looks a bit unrealistic and means the effect of the hot manifold and port walls are not being considered.  The example from the help file below will be a better starting point.
  3. I would turn closed loop lambda off while you are tuning as that will have you chasing your tail.



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