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Gear shift control - questions


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So I started setting up some gear shift control on my 350z and ran across a few things I had questions about:

- TP low Lockout - Does this change both upshift and downshift? I was hoping to have the driven upshift activate at above 50% throttle but was wondering if that would in turn disable the downshift blip?

- I did a test run with some settings and found during the downshift blips the Throttle was very sporadic and I ran into a CEL and stated E-throttle 1 TP / Target Error.

I attached the log I mentioned, at 2:30 you can see where it has an issue.

Any thoughts what may have caused that?


March 29 -throttle derp.llg

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Yes the TP low lockout does lockout both up and downshift, I'm not sure why it couldnt work as you say with the TP low lockout only affecting upshift but I havent thought that through in great detail.  

Your other problem appears to be due to the throttle PID, it appears to go unstable and get a rapid oscillation during some quick blips.  You will have to try to tune some of that out.


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As always thanks for the fast reply!

So could the speed of the auto blip might be why I haven't seen this oscillation before during typical use?

I have attached the current throttle settings, I believe they are still the stock settings.I'm a bit new to PID settings and the recommended procedure for dialing them in. Are there any simple tips to get going in the right direction?

E-throttle is also currently in open loop mode.


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It would pay to check the throttle calibration as the TP main and Sub look to be offset by 2.5% at idle which is Not ideal.

As an initial start I would back of the Proportional gain to 6 

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