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Random RPM Spikes ATOM2


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I am getting random engine speed spikes.
The trigger wheel is the Link 24 teeth and the sensor is also from link.

I have taken all precautions when wiring to have a reasonable distance between the high tension ignition wires and the ECU loom.


I have attached the log. Can you help ?



MSD CDI ignition
Lotus Cortina, Distributor synch





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3 hours ago, Steve said:

Do a triggerscope capture

Unfortunately there is no trigger scope in the Atom.

Dom, since the errors happen at low load (low ignition energy) I think I would be leaning more towards a waveform problem rather than an ignition noise problem initially.  Maybe the cam tooth is crossing over one of the crank teeth or one of the sensors is wired incorrect polarity.  Do you have a 2 channel scope that could capture the crank and cam signals?


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