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  1. ''Laggy'' software

    Hey guys, Just an update to this one. The surface view issue seems to be on Nvidia drivers with the new OpenGL 4.6 standard. For me these drivers were released back on the 9th of October version 387.92, so rolling back to 385.69 (Sept 21st) fixes the surface view, your mobile graphics might be different versions. Obviously working to fix this properly. As for "lag" no body has followed up with sufficient information for me to investigate further.
  2. Store Failed

    Standard stuff, can you double check your connection speed for me? 625k? more than 55Hz? This is the first time you've had it? and it's only on this one ECU?
  3. Store Failed

    You say it hasn't failed, so if you cycle power to the ECU then the changes stick despite PCLink reporting that the store failed?
  4. fault code 19 "An V4 above Error High Value"

    Or your AN 4 error high value is set too low.
  5. [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    That and a few other handy features are already on my list of "Things that would make PCLink much nicer to use as a tablet dash". Thanks!
  6. File,Save, File is in use

    When I used one drive I could turn off auto sync then manually sync when I knew it was safe, does google drive have a similar function? You'll just have to be disciplined enough to remember to do it regularly enough.
  7. File,Save, File is in use

    That's because G4 PCLink doesn't pop up to tell you it wasn't able to save a file, it tells you implicitly by not displaying the "File saved successfully" message, then it just loses the changes you made. Better reporting was one of the improvements we made to G4+ PCLink, handy huh? I don't know how google decide when to access your files for syncing, but in your example above I think you just got lucky.
  8. File,Save, File is in use

    Looks like your google drive is locking the file while it syncs. It's accessing the file to parse it, upload it to the cloud, analyze it for government secrets or something. Once it's finished doing whatever it should free the file to be saved, because basemaps are so small (172KB) I would expect it to do this fairly quickly, unless your internet connection is really really slow. If it's not freeing the file when it's finished with it, then it's a bug for google. While we're at it, does anyone have better experience with other cloud services? microsoft, dropbox, mega, amazon, etc?
  9. ''Laggy'' software

    So, it seems to me that loading up the AFR/Lambda Target Table (1 or 2) seems to break the 3d view. There may be other tables that do it too. I've added it as a bug, I don't have a work around, solution or ETA yet.
  10. ''Laggy'' software

    Yeah that one's a known issue thanks.
  11. ''Laggy'' software

    Sounds like something about your OpenGL is upset. When you're connected to the ECU, what frequency do you get in the top right hand corner? And, can you attempt to open the 3D view, then go Help > About and grab a screenshot of the window? I'm looking for your PCLink version information and the version of OpenGL. Thanks
  12. Software issue.

    The issue that ztoy is having will be related to only the surface. Are you having issues as well?
  13. Software issue.

    Oh no, someone finally broke my surface view. Can you go: Starttype dxdiaghit enter (run it)when the wee green bar is finished, hit "Save all Information..."email the DxDiag.txt file to tech@linkecu.com Could you also go here: http://glew.sourceforge.net/index.html, Click on "Windows 32-bit and 64-bit" next to Binaries.DownloadExtractNavigate to "glew-2.1.0\bin\Release"If you're on 64 bit windows go to the x64 folder, otherwise go to the Win32 folder.Run glewinfo.exe, it will generate a txt file in the same folder.Email that txt file to tech also.
  14. JSON/XML Representation of .pclr

    Not at this stage, I have my hands full with PCLink as it is. Considering you can pick up a Windows 10 Pro/Home tablet for $350-$400 a Windows 10S tablet will have to be pretty darn cheap. I'll take a look into it and talk to the boss.
  15. JSON/XML Representation of .pclr

    Hi Troy, cool stuff, you should chuck up a post in the project cars section. Tracking changes within PCLink is on my list of future features, I geeked out about that idea a few months ago. And I can't give you source code sorry. I've added your name to the track changes feature request too. Cheers