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  1. If you plug a usb mouse/keyboard into the OTG adapter you're using to connect the S9 to the ECU you can use the mouse/keyboard to configure the gauges, etc easily without even touching the screen :-)
  2. Hi Dave, It takes a bit of time for a update to be approved through the Microsoft store system, if you email the team at Realdash they may be able to give you an idea of when the next version is going to be publicly available which will include the fix for the lag. Cheers, Mark
  3. Problem solved, well, there was never actually a problem to start with - I had the meter on Aux6 instead of Aux5...
  4. ECU is a G4+ Plugin for a Mazda MX5 running a Ford 302w V8 in my Mustang. (Don't ask) At any rate, we have a DI configured as a Stop Switch, when active it kills the Ignition but the Aux5 Fuel Pump output remains hot, is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?
  5. Just a quick update with regards to the Windows 10 lag issue - I've been in touch with the creator of RealDash who has made some changes which has solved the issue, full credit with regards to the fact that he fixed the problem within 24 hours!
  6. It'll download if you're signed into the forum, it won't work otherwise.
  7. I've just been playing around with this, when I connect a Windows PC the display is lagging by a decent 3 seconds, tried bumping up the baud rate at both ends and in the com port settings but it didn't make any difference. Has anyone run into this issue? Tried two different Win 10 tablets, one Acer, one Generic - When I connect using a Android device there's no significant lag. When I use the Link software there's no lag on the Windows PC(s) too. Is a MX5Link G4+ Plugin running a injected Ford 302w, although that shouldn't make any difference. To contribute to the thread, we found that not all android devices are created equal, we found that two of the tablets we have, a Toshiba AT7-A and a Samsung Tab3 Lite, didn't work, the OS appeared to not recognise the USB serial port. My phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 worked just fine.
  8. PM me your email address, I made one for my 1994 Mustang GT, using the factory A9L timing map
  9. We're up and running now, I have a couple of small questions if you don't mind? The first is about the ignition table - is the timing table total advance including base timing or is it on top of the base timing? The second is regarding the Master Fuel setting - am I right in thinking that it's best to keep this number as low as possible whilst maintaining safe air/fuel ratio's so that there is maximum flexibility in the fuel table?
  10. You can wire it in just like any other 5v analog sensor, the important thing to determine would be whether it has the appropriate sensitivity for its intended purpose.
  11. Cool, that ticks another box then - thanks for taking the time to reply
  12. I currently have them paired with the banks of the 302w: Firing Order: 13726548 Bank1 - 1,7,6,4 Bank2 - 3,2,5,8 Inj1 - 1,7 Inj2 - 6,4 Inj3 - 3,2 Inj4 - 5,8 I haven't wrapped the harness yet so it's not a big deal changing things around.
  13. Cheers for that, I've plumbed the eight injectors to run off the four drives and am building up a basemap to get the thing started but I have a question - Given that it's TFI so only have a single trigger, As far as the Injection Mode goes am I right in thinking that I should set the Injection Mode to Multi Point Group and the Injection rate to 1/2 cycle so that the first two drives pulse on the first 360 degrees and the second two pulse on the next rotation?
  14. Group firing it is then :-) So for the pairings, would I follow the spark order?, ie: Inj1 1,3 Inj2 7,2 Inj3 6,5 Inj4 4,8
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