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Twin engine Toyota 1085 Nm / 862 hp at the hubs

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 This is a very nice and creative build from a customer.


2 pc Vi-PEC V44 (old Link Storm)

1 Celica,

1 MR2,

2 pc engines,

2 pc gearboxes,

1 big Precision turbo,

a lot of cutting and welding.

A lot of thinking

More fabricating,


Car is absolute brutal! Enjoy:)













Tuning with 2 laptops. Btw a pita to tune:)







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I agree, very cool project.  I have always been intrigued by twin engine possibilities but haven't yet found a customer crazy enough to do it...

A few details I'm curious about;

  1. Single turbo choice seems pretty odd when you consider how far the exhaust gas from the rear engine has to travel all the way to the front - it obviously works ok but what was the logic behind that choice?
  2. What's the two different sized intercoolers about?
  3. I assume the front engine would have less traction than the rear - what strategies do you use to keep wheel speeds roughly in sync?

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