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eff xr6t

G4+ Extreme CAN coms with Racepak IQ3

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Possibly the dash is not set up to use this data set? The engine speed, MAP and TPS should all work.

If someone wants to send us an IQ3 we are happy to test this ourselves.


hi Scott. I have a haltech iq3 you can have a play with. Are you in Christchurch? I could possibly get a interface cable to borrow.


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Hi Just following this up..... I have a Thunder and want to get it working with my Haltech IQ3. Were you able to get it sorted?


Would rather not have to change the dash later down the track if we cant get it working.




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On ‎26‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 3:56 PM, blaine@carmenaperformance said:

I managed to get a Haltech dash running with the Link but it had to be sent back to Racepak and have the V1 Firmware flashed back onto it. Never had any luck with the V2 Firmware.


1 hour ago, Peter Andersson said:

So you have it working with older firmware? I have tryed for  2,5 year now haha


Blaine's Dash was a Haltech branded item that doesn't use a Vnet adapter.  His comment wouldn't apply to you since your dash isn't a Haltech branded version and you are using a Vnet adapter.

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