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Launch Control and Rolling antilag!

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Why is not possible to use both launch control and rolling antilag ?

All other high-end ecu (Motec, Haltech, Emtron, Microtech, etc) take these functions separately.

Would be very useful to separate these functions to put the tuner in condition to use them at 100% of their potential.



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It is on the request list but not high priority yet.  I believe they were combined into the same function as we believed they were for different types of racing and nobody would need both together.  Roll racing did not do standing starts etc, at least not at the same event...

Note you can use latched launch mode when stationary like normal launch control, you just need to hit the button at the right RPM and it will be held.



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Thanks for your reply Adam,

it's just for have a complete solution.

Some car tuned for drag racing...often...it used for flying mile or km.

The solution that you adviced is a little trick :) (couse is not simple to press button at the same RPM every shot on the strip.)




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