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    928sg reacted to Mustang in Porsche 944 Trigger Mode   
    Thanks for your answer, good advice.
    You are very correct about the worn flywheel teeth, a old problem i am fighting with for 30+ years.
    I have my own Porsche 944 / 60-2 Flywheel kits, a Pulley mount 60 - 2 Trigger Wheel and a 60-2 Flywheel,
    same as the Porsche 968 / 60-2 Flywheel but for use with the larger dia. Porsche 944 Turbo Clutch.
    Reason for asking is that i was looking to use the stock Flywheel for a cheapo Customer who don´t want to buy my one of my Trigger Kits.

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    928sg reacted to Adamw in Porsche 951 Crank sensor.   
    The two with the 960 ohm resistance between them are your ground and signal.  The ground connects to the white wire and the signal to the black.  If you dont have any documentation to show which is +/- then sometimes it can be determined with a basic multimeter test - I will explain that in more detail below.
    The third pin is the shield for the sensor pigtail, connect this to the bare drain wire in the link loom.
    Multimeter test to determine VR sensor polarity:
    Set multimeter to DC mV.  Connect the positive MM lead to one of the pins and the negative to the other.  Hold a piece of metal touching the sensing end of the sensor - something like a steel rule or spanner works well.  Quickly pull the metal object away from the sensor while watching the multimeter.   If the multimeter shows negative voltage while you move the metal away then the multimeter leads are indicating the correct wiring polarity (i.e the pin that the red lead is connected to is your + signal wire).  If it shows positive voltage then wire the sensor opposite to how the multimeter was connected.
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    928sg reacted to Adamw in R8 Coil wiring   
    For the main power/ground I have used 18AWG tefzel, but as I said above Im only running them at 8A peak.  If you are a high boost turbo you may want to go to 16AWG.
    If using Tefzel wire, 18AWG is good for about 9A, 16AWG about 12A.  Low temp PVC insulated wire would need to be bigger.
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    928sg reacted to Slowgti in Fuel Pressure Sensor recommendations   
    That's a solid sensor. There are 15-20 cars local to me running the same one. 
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    928sg reacted to cj in Fuel Pressure Sensor recommendations   
    have a look on mouser or digikey for honeywell PX2 or PX3 sensors. They come in various fittings including 1/8-27npt and pressure ranges up to 10bar. One of them is brass body and the other stainless but are otherwise very similar. Try to get the ones with Nitrile o-rings in them. Nitrile handles contact with fuel better. The spec sheet for these tells you which letter of the product code identifies the o-ring type. 
    Dont buy the chinese copies of these from aliexpress/ebay/etc. Even if they are accurate on day 1, they very quickly (a few weeks) become bascially random number generators. The genuine ones are reliable howver, and provide good data sheets that are easy to set up in the link calibrations
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