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trigger 2 sync problem


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i have a problem for make sync with trigger2 wheel on cam. That result to not start directely on first cranking but on second it's run.

this a inlet cam on VVT , 3 tooth with different off set ( i can not ajust too ), can a use them for make a sync and vvt position ? i'm totaly loss 

spec : ECU Xtreme G4+

Engine : peugeot 260 rc , EW10j4S , mount on sequential direct spark.

trigger scope attached

thanks for help.





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Note, My original post has been edited after I had another look.  I initially suggested a holden trigger pattern but later realised this will be less successful than the generic multitooth/missing in this case: 


As per Brads advice you need to swap the polarity on the crank sensor.

Multitooth/missing mode with cam level sync mode will probably work initially, I think once you have VVT working and the cam advances more than about 30deg this sync mode may give problems, you will have to try it and see. 

For VVT you will have to use "user defined" mode.  There are instructions how to set this up in the help file.  

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after reversed polarity of trigger1 (capture attached ) , en set tigger2 sync to 'cam level' , engine run like before. sync still does not work.

for VVT , i configured tooth off set with cam angle test and now work good.

sync mode can work only when you have only one tooth may be ?

you can confirme sync  it's 'ECCS sync' on runtime value?




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I notice in your screenshot above your camshaft position doesnt go below 15deg.  I think this is due to your tooth offset table and maybe the trigger 2 offset are not correct.  The first cell of the tooth offset table should always be zero.  Subtract 14 deg from all the numbers in your tooth offset table and add 14 deg to your trigger 2 VVT offset.




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