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Plugin injector drives for 7 and 8


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I am well aware of the fact that the plug in ecus only have hardware to drive injectors on the first six injectors - but in doing bench testing it appears there is no logic at all on 7 and 8?  I tried connecting a relay trigger to these output pins, and then turning them off and on as well as assigning a pwm output to make the relay click at low frequency.  I also tried a low wattage 12v light bulb.  No signs of life.  I was told there is at least logic level (i.e. I read this as less than 0.5A) switching ability on these outputs.  

Can someone shed some light on these outputs?  I tried asking through my local Link (North America) contact and have never received a definitive response other than "it should be able to switch a relay".  

What I would really like to know is if it is feasibly possible with the addition of some hardware mounted separately external to the ecu to provide the hardware required to run injectors off of these two outputs making the plug-in fully sequential 8cyl capable?

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G4+ Plugin as well as G4x - removed the control board from the adapter board on an MR2/ST185 unit - so just using the control board on a bench.  I inserted header strip into the socket on the bottom of the board to bench test and attach leads to. I was using test leads/patch cord to connect to the control board pin positions.  Full functionality on the first 6 injector outputs as well as all other outputs.

The test leads to the header strip look like the following:

 Power supplied by variable voltage bench top power supply (set to approximately 13.5V DC).  Ground to ground plane pins opposite the injector output (just after injector ouptut pin 1) pins (which all show zero resistance to one another).  

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2 hours ago, koracing said:

I was told there is at least logic level (i.e. I read this as less than 0.5A) switching ability on these outputs.  

Logic level would be a few milliamp only - enough to drive a transistor.  

In the plug-in ecus where Inj7/8 are used as aux outputs, a circuit like below is fitted to the bottom board.



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