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switching from traditional to modelled


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I set up as traditional to get the engine running, initially, and since I haven't done any tuning yet, would now be the best time to switched to modelled?   I have an alcohol content sensor so eventually I will go to modelled multi.  What is the consensus? 

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From what I can understand, it depends mostly on what injectors you have, and whether you have all the necessary correct data - deadtimes, flow rate, short pulse width adder etc.

If you have all the data, then Modelled Mode would be a sensible choice, especially if you're going for various blends of ethanol.

If you don't have accurate injector data, then Traditional might be easier.

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I have Injector Dynamics ID725's and I've found the Link Tables to import but the tables seem to be locked for a specific ECU.   They don't make the 725's anymore so don't have that info on their website.   Flow rate info is still available.  I haven a fuel pressure sensor, the alcohol content sensor, which will provide fuel temp as well.

I may be able to get the info from their support.

ShortPulseWidthAdderID725.lte INJDeadtimesID725300kpa.lte

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