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Connect dedicated wideband sensor to ecu


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Unless you have a Link Fury, with an in-built lambda controller, you must use an external controller, you cannot connect the 5/6 pin sensor directly.

The most complete solution is the Link CAN Lambda module, as this has two-way communication with the ECU, and will implement strategies to try to prolong sensor life, such as waiting until after the engine has started running before powering the sensor up (to minimise the risk of thermal shock), and perform exhaust pressure compensation (assuming a suitable pressure sensor is also installed into the exhaust, and connected to the ECU) and reporting any sensor/controller errors.

The next-best option is another controller which sends data into the ECU via CANBUS. This gives you accurate fuelling feedback, as the signal remains digital from the controller to the ECU, but lacks any additional safety features.

The only remaining option then would be to use a controller which has a 0-5v analog output, and use an Analog Input on the ECU. This can suffer from "voltage offset" issues, where the wideband controller thinks it is putting out a certain voltage, but the ECU reads a slightly different voltage, and you get a minor fuelling inaccuracy.


If I were starting again, I would buy the Link CAN Lambda module straight away.

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I would just buy 1 Link device, then if you wish to refine the tune further in future you can purchase a 2nd one when finance allows.  These engines dont typically have large bank to bank variation like you used to see in the old days with V8's with manifolds that charge rob etc.  You will get a pretty decent tune in it with a single wideband.

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