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CAN Lambda supply via CAN2/OBD pcb connector.

Edmund Turner

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Hi, quick question, I am installing a Link CAN lanbda into vehicle with a Mitsu Evo 9 PNP G4X ecu. I usually wire it up as recomended in the picture below. However, just to clarifiy , can I also power the CAN Lambda with drectlly from the CAN2/OBD PCB connector that is connected to the ecu?  Probably not a good idea but just wanted to check.




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Although that 14V pin was originally only intended for low powered devices such as dashes, it should be ok on that particular ECU, I just looked at the PCB design and it has a decent sized track to that pin. 

Our recently released plug-in ECU's have changed to a 4 pin CAN connector with a proper protected 12V supply to allow direct CAN lambda and/or dash plug and play, but it will take probably a number of years before that change trickles through to the existing plug-in designs.   

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Hi Adam, just to report back. CAN lambda is connected and reading as exepected. However, there is a warning of '46 IPE overvoltage'. THis is probably because I used the 14V from the CAN 2/OBD from the PCB.

I am leaning towards installing a relay to power the Lambda, unless the over voltage is not an issue for the LINK CAN lambda?


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HI ,

To summarize, Initially I installed a new CAN lambda with new LSU 4.9 sensor via CAN2 PCB connector in a new Link Evo9 PnP G4X ecu. Lambda is reading correct but reporting '46 IPE overvoltage' consistently when the motor is started.   

I then moved the power supply & ground for the CAN lambda from the ecu's CAN 2 PCB connector  to a switched relay ( wired exaclty like the  recommended diagram) . I have installed a few CAN lambdas in the same manner but this is the first time I have seen this error. 

Now Im getting a consistent - '48 IPE overvoltage error now'. I have attached the log for reference.

What could be the issue, any suggestions? 

Lambda error - 2021-09-14 6;10;09 pm.llgx

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