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BMW DCT support on G5?

Gavin Magee

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I've been waiting for an ECU that will also provide control for the BMW DCT transmissions. I did hear a rumour that the G5 platform may be able to do this. Just wondering if this is the case and if so, how has this been implemented?

Ideally, direct control would be excellent, but even control via CAN may be a viable solution. I know that some people will suggest that I could decode the OEM CANbus myself but I don't have a vehicle hear to do that (neither am I experienced enough with CAN at this stage for this particular task).

Many thanks


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Direct control from the ECU won't be happening for modern transmissions as they require way too much IO. Communication with the factory TCU over CAN should be coming, I'm working on getting an ECU in my N54 powered 135i in my spare time which will involve a new CAN mode which should support the various transmissions that come in vehicles with that CAN setup (proper auto, single clutch automated and DCT).

What vehicle (model and year) and what engine do you have?

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I'll add some comments that are possibly something to consider...  Bearing in mind I've never done a BMW DCT using the stock mechatronics so they may be a little more flexible, but my experience with a VW DSG gearbox using the stock mechatronics and Maxx ecu was pretty disappointing.  I think I would only do it with a proper aftermarket GCU that replaces the mechatronics if I was ever asked to do one again. 

The problem with the stock mechatronics is all the hard coded clutch pressures, bite points, take up rate etc is all based on the original chassis, engine inertia, and characteristics like normal idle speed, torque curve etc, and there is only so much you can do by "faking" the engine CAN signals.  I put the DSG into an early Mk1 golf for a friend and spent probably 3 months of my weekends trying to get it to work how he wanted.  I must have reflashed the TCU a hundred times or more getting it to take off smoothly hot and cold with different amounts of throttle etc, we eventually got that bit almost ok, but never got a nice consistent, fast shift with minimal slip etc.  

I've heard of a couple of similar experiences with the BMW DCT but no direct experience.  From what I've seen, bypassing the stock mechatronics is not a job for the faint-hearted either. 

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