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Bosch 4.9 Wideband Callibration


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Hi, with my sexy new G5, LS3 Engine, we wired up dual connections 4.9 on Plug E for the Bosch 4.9 Wideband Sensors,

Can I use the AEM X Series Calibration, as I believe they all use that Sensor ?, or is that scaled differently as the signal comes from the AEM box ? 

Here's the cross reference on who uses these sensors 

Bosch Part Number: 0 258 017 025 ( 0258017025 )
Bosch USA Part Number: 17025
AEM Part Number: 30-2004
AiM Part Number: X05LSU490
AiM Part Number: MC-330
MSD part number MSD 2267 for POWER GRID WIDEBAND MODULE 7765

thanks !

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No, you don't. The ECU talks directly to the sensors, and does everything you need it to.

If you think you need to set a calibration, you've set something up incorrectly, and haven't followed the instructions/Help.

In the configuration tree, you do go to Analog Inputs -> Lambda 1/2, but from the "Lambda Sensor Control" option you simply choose "Internal", and that's it, everything done.


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