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Limited to 6200RPM


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Hey all

I'm currently having an issue where my car won't rev past 6000ISH (5800 - 6200 RPM). It hits it and just hangs, it can move past it a little more in 1st since it's so quick.  I don't have any idea what might cause this, I have checked all the basics that I know how to check (RPM limit, boost levels, ignition angle etc). 

I have attached the tune file,  log and a video.

Any help is very much appreciated.




Keith Base Tune.pclx

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Hmm not sure why it's not working. I have it set so anyone with the link can view it. Hopefully, this link works



I have just done some more playing around and have found that different boost levels affect the limit. When running on wastegate pressure of 0.7 bar, it revs to 7200, when on 0.9bar - 6600 and  1.1bar - 6100

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There are no signs of the ecu doing any cuts, most likely you have a misfire.  What ignition coils do you have?  The 1.6ms dwell is probably a bit low for many ignition coils.  The other thing that doesnt look good is injector duty cycle is over 90% at WOT, 98% in a couple of places, with no lambda connected you cant tell if that is causing an issue or not.  

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