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NB1 Miata FlowForce injector deadtimes


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11 minutes ago, Laminar said:

The picture they have doesn't show the extended tip.

One does, one doesnt.  No mention of that or the different connector in any of the description so your guess is as good as mine.  The "960cc" however narrows it down to a few possibilities.



15 minutes ago, Laminar said:

Is the different in their stated dead time vs. your measured dead time just a function of the different injector driver hardware?

Yes clamp voltage of the driver will have some effect on the deadtime, but also a few factors such as the very round "1.300" base value, the oddly smooth exponential trend and the same deadtimes for both pressures for 15 & 16V give me the impression that at least some of that data might be "made up".   

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1 hour ago, Adamw said:

Assuming they are the extended tip 0280158040 injector, I would ignore that data.  I've only tested them at 3 bar but at least here is some real data I would trust.



This is the exact injectors I have. 

Thank you to everyone involved. I was able to source the data, believe it or not, from these forums as follows:

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On 2/22/2024 at 10:52 AM, Laminar said:

Maybe something like this? I just took the given dead time and multiplied it by the percent to give a ms dead time for each voltage level. I made the deadtime table 3D to include fuel pressure.


Just for future reference here, one should always use differential fuel pressure on one axis for this table, not just fuel pressure, as the injector only sees the differential pressure.

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Is it normal to have pressure as an axis for the deadtime table? Adam's tables above don't delineate a performance difference due to pressure, though the OP's tables show a 2-3ish% difference with a 100kPa rise in pressure.

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If the data is available at various differential pressures to actually populate a 3D deadtime table, then yes.  More often than not, however, injector data is provided with testing at only a single pressure value (usually 300kpa or 43.5psi differential pressure) so a single row 2D table is all that one would use in that situation. 

In an ideal situation, your differential pressure on a boosted engine will always stay at one value, and in reality stays pretty close to that one differential pressure value, but does deviate somewhat under normal operation.  

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