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Base map g4 xtreme 2jz vvti


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To refrase my question: How do i set up the triggers on a 2jz gte vvti? The 1jz and 2jz vvti has 36-2 crank wheel and 3 separate teeth on the cam. I heard some guys grinding down 2 of the 3 teeth on the cam to be able to sync the engine on 720 to run fully sequential. Is this what i need to do for  the link g4 Xtreme to?

How will this react when the vvti is triggered, and that tooth of course will move in relation to the crank wheel?

Another guy made his own cam trigger welding a tooth on the vvti cam gear, but there have to be a better solution!?

Or are you vvti guys running without 720 degree sync signal fom the cam, with wasted spark/batch (semi-sequential) injection? 2 groups of injectors if that is the case? Or 3? And in what sequence? And how is this set up in Pclink?

A lot of questions, but i hope for some response :)

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Of course, stock engine! I got a reply from link on FB, set up the triggers like they advised me to.

1jz vvti trigger setup, following the engine spesific guidelines in pclink help. Worked like a charm, timed the ignition spot on 0 degrees, sequential injection, direct fire (i have 6 Cop).

BUT, of course the engine dont start......

My setup is single turbo, stock engine and intake manifoild, bosch 1600cc injectors (with the recocomended resistors), e85, 6 lq9 coils on plugs. Injector and ignition tests works, the timing is as i said correct, why does it not start? Any ideas?

I thought it might get to much fuel, set the master to 5ms, and 2 bar fuel pressure, no difference. It cranks with ease, some slight ignitions, but never anything near starting, then bangs when i stop cranking.....

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Tried your map today and engine whouldnt start!

Only changes i made was some inputs, no e-throttle of course, and changed the ignition mode to direct fire. (i have 6 gmlq9 coils on plugs) Spark is present, both on the test and while cranking, trigger signals ok, timing perfect.

Only thing i can think of is some sort of issue with fuel, injectors work fine with injectortest, and i have 2.6 bar base pressure (stock) I use 1600 cc bosch 280150839`s with 4,7 ohm 50W resistors, and e85.

Are there any settings i should adjust? been playing with the master between 5 and 20ms, anything else?

Engine has compression too....

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Yes they have 12v and fuel pressure is present. Engine started when i set the trigger offset to -170. Went to tune the engine today, and everything went fine until we started with 4000rpm....

At 160 hp the engine cut, and misfired. My tuner had some suggestions:

Timing issues? The light says its correct, 0 degrees and slotted marks on the camgears. (and everything worked up until this point) So i dont think this is the issue.. But the fact that i had to set the trigger ofset to -170 might indicate some kind of issues!? Maybe trigger filters or arming? Everything is set to 1jz specs stated in help file. Also tried reversing polarity of cam sensor with big misfires.

Plugs are fine, sparks are fine, lq9 coils dwell time is correct.

Also another thing: When the engine idled, we turned up the fuel pressure, and the arf got leener!? (we have pressure gauge) This have to be indicating some injector-issues?

And suddenly now the engine wont start at all.....

No ecu errors, and logging says trigger signal has no issues.

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I am experiencing the exact same issue with my 2jzGE VVti engine. Have fuel pressure I choose 1jz vvti and entered all the data for igntion just as listed in the help files but engine isn't starting. Synch'd timing with timing light but had to sync at 260 offset. Turned the motor over then would open throttle completely and still nothing. I added more fuel to the point I was very concerned (VE at 120) still no start the cells in the start area. I have confirmed ignition coils & fuel injectors work and sparking in perfect order with Noid light and spark led tester, Confirmed fuel pressure at 3 bar, Fuel pump is working while starting engine,  even used starting fluid to try and start but motor did not respond. I believe I may have some kind trigger issues even though I get no sync errors. The arming voltage on Trigger 1 has been set from .2 to .5 and the 2 trigger .2 . Here are some of the trigger scope files. Its a fire problem it seems but not getting any back fires. Plugs are brand new. I'm

Trigger Scope Log Starting# with tirgger 2 arming voltage .2.llg Trigger Scope Log Starting.llg Trigger Scope Log Starting# with tirgger 1 & 2 arming voltage .2.llg

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So those trigger captures are not looking very good at all.

In the second one it looks like the crank signal is incorrect polarity.

In all of them trig 2 looks to be mostly noise. 

I would check the wiring to the cam sensor, the crank I would be changing the signal and ground over. 

Make sure the engine is cranking at a good speed and not struggling on the starter. 


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19 hours ago, duncan351 said:

Just wanted to come back to confirm I did have both Crank and Cam Pins positioned backwards in the housings when I built the harness. I return my offset to 205 just as your basemap suggests and the engine fired right up. Thanks for your support!

Can you do another triggerscope now it is running.  Your camshaft signal in the last captures didnt look good so it needs to be checked again.

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