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low impedance injectors

neil brown

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what i mean the standard injectors are high impedance and i want to run these low impedance injectors as they are the correct size for what i need


can i add in a resistor to increase the value to the same as high inpedance injectors and will the ecu drivers be ok with it

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right thats the manifold and wiring sorted


added in 25 watt 4R7 ohm resistor into the system, the orginal injectors were 11 ohms and new injectors are 3.1 ohm with a 4R7ohm  25 watt resistor


with this set up will the injector outputs on the ecu be able to run this quite happily

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Hi Neil,

Our documentation specifies a 4R7 Ohm ballast resistor for a 3.1 Ohm injector. Above Simon recommended a 25 Watt resistor. It looks to me that you have this right. When you wire each injector put the ballast resistor between the 14V supply and the injector.


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