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rb25det vct wiring

tim bendall

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Only way to have a delay on the main pumps will be to drive them using a GP output and have a timer based delay triggered from the lift pump drive.

However it is more normal to activate all pumps off the one fuel pump drive at the same time.

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rb25det s1 what wire at the ecu do i need to tap into to get vct working? i have link g3 with rb adapter box and i’ve been told to run the vct to an aux out on the link? but not sure what wire is the vct at the blue plug cheers

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1 hour ago, tem said:

why don’t i have power at the vct plug?

The ECU only supplies the ground side, the +12V side comes from elsewhere in the car, most likely originally from the ignition switch or ECCS relay.  You will have to find a wiring diagram that matches your model if you want to troubleshoot the existing wire.

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