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Cold Start & Crank Enrichment setup

Adam G

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Hi all, I am just looking for some guideance on setting up the cold start and crank enrichment for an R33 Gtst with a GTSLink. I had it tuned a while ago, but every 3-4 months the plugs seem to get fouled and I am unable to start the car. I am not sure if this is a combination of either a) the fact that I only drive it on weekends and the battery gets a little drained during the week and means the spark isnt strong enough, B) the cold start and crank enrichment are too rich, c) it is running too rich on a whole. I am running 555cc injectors. There is also black exhaust marks on the ground behind where I park my car Is there a proper procedure to setting up the cold start & crank enrichment? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks Adam

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The only real way to do it is with nurmours cold starts and adjusting the numbers till the best result is achieved. It is likely to be mostly down to the crank enrichment.


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Thanks for you reply. I checked the settings Cold start is 12 Crank enrichment is 76 I understand smaller crank enrichment number equals more enrichment. What sort of adjustment would be sufficient? Is a single digit change going to be noticeable or more like 5 or 10 point change? I started it tonight after having not run it in 3 days and it is coldish tonight. It took a bit of cranking to get it going, was very rough and didnt want to rev. Thanks Adam

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What about CRANK DECAY? My car used to start right up when I had higher compression (10:1 Subaru) Now I lowered the compression to 8.4:1 and cold starts take a bit more. I lowered the Crank Enrichment to 58, and my Crank Decay is at 12... Whats the purpose of Crank Decay then?

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17 hours ago, iliasfyntanidis said:

So lower crank enrichment gives more fuel or less? For example 30% crank enrichment gives more fuel than 40% crank enrichment? 

And what about crank enrichment table? Does lower numbers give more or less fuel? 

This thread is from 2007 and relates to a G1 ecu.  If your crank enrichment numbers are in percent then it sounds like you have a G4 or G4+.  The number relates to “percent increase”, So a bigger number will give more fuel.

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Hi all, I am  looking for help on how to start my car. I rebuilt my car recently with forged internals and bought a link ecu G4+.  Currently the car is running well. however the biggest problem is how to start it. First time we tried, on turn of Key, Car will crank but no start. Upon checking, we realized the plugs were flooded.  We tinkled with the cold start tables , but we have had very little success. (NB, am not a tuner nor even close to one. Was just reading on this forum and trying out). They say problems are the mother of inventions, we discovered away to start it and that is how i have been starting my car for the last two weeks. What we do is we prime it, the we remove the fuel pump relay, then we crank it. This way, it will start and as soon as it starts, we plug in the fuel pump relay quickly. (This operations needs at minimum two people, one to crank and another to return back the fuel relay as soon as the car starts coz this happens in less than a second.) Once it starts, the car runs very rich and i can feel a miss in the way the car shakes. After it has warmed up, it settles well and that is it. Car is not yet tuned, still using the base map. 


Attached are three different logs. 

Start up 1. Attempting to start the car with no success (i.e. when fuel relay is plugged on).

Start 2. Starting it with the method above (unplugging the relay and plugging it back quickly).

Drive 2. Driving the car around after start up. 

Any help will be appreciated. 



drive 2.llg start up 1.llg start up 2.llg

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