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Yaris VVTi 2SZ-FE 1.3

Dadoulis Paschalis

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Hi all

Another projec t I'm working on! Has anybody worked on an engine like this? I've already purchased the e-throttle module and set everything correctly after lots of hours reading and reading! Now I can setup the FPS correctly, tps is following up to 80%

TPS main shows 80% and tps sub shows 100%!

When going to setup it through e-throttle setup in pclink it makes all the movements, opening throttle up to 100%, once for the tps main and once for the tps sub but when trying to 'Calibrate TPS Main vs TPS Sub' it can't balance the pointers and throttle plate doesn't stay at one place momentarily, it goes open/close/open/close fast and completes the process by saying 'Error 16: Cannot reach target 98%' although while calibrating seperately the two tps signals it has shown 100% on the tp(main) meter!

What can I try to adjust? I've tried with the PID setup max and min clamp, no difference!


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Just uploaded the file for you...can you please check our e-throttle settings if they are 100% correct 'cause as I said before it only fails in the last step of the test when it tries to calibrate TPS main vs TPS sub signals, when it calibrates these seperately it succeeds normally up to 100% on both!?!?

Also just for everybody's info RAV4 vvti setup you've uploaded for me in our other RAV4 VVTI thread works just fine in this yaris too, most possibly as it's the same three-sensor style!


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Still not able to make it work....I've even used either the tps sub wire for feeding both AN volt inputs

The main thing I've noticed it if I touch the pid settings I m getting same result but sometimes slower or faster

Can I somehow unlock this locked setting in ethrottle setup name TPS Sub - 100% - TPS Main which says that it can only be adjusted by you for troubleshooting? Maybe if I put 98% there, I'll get rid of this problem...

It's the only thing missing and I'm ready to go:(

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To link staff

My name is Spatas Panayiotis am the owner of  Yaris VVTi 2SZ-FE 1.3 i would like to introduce my self am 34 years old and am working to TOYOTA INCHAPE THESSALONIKI for the last 14 years as technical advisor and workshop supervisor (my background is as a technician as i study and get my degree technician engineer )

The reason that am taking part of this conversation is as a legal disclaimer i would like to inform you that my vehicle is in the workshop that i perform the tunig from 30of August until now .The problem is kwon the e-throttle module cant adjust with my fly by wire module’s believe that online support gives major value to the brand name and products that’s why they convicts me to use link -G4 ECU e-throttle ECU but how online support can support they self’s and customers .... answers like Mr. Steve bull is unacceptable to junk the fly by wire and use cable throttle ... we can also left our houses and live in to caves with torches ...

I’m not a teenager that is anxious for more power on his wheels we start a project with cost of 4500-5000e that is probably the first one bone in Greece so i can understand any problems that we faced so far and solve together and am glad to it but  where the support  when you really need it .....?

Believe me i daily have issues with my customers and but i NEVER left them 11days with any answer. Is the e-throttle module compatible for my car ? can you support me with our problem? because as i said before i convicts that the bran of LINK are the best option for my car.


Your legal disclaimer

Spatas Panayiotis



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Hi Dadoulis and Spatas,

The forums here are public, Steve does not work for Link, and was just expressing his opinion of what would be a quick solution. The benefit of the forums is you will get the experience of a wider group of people, but in this case no one seems to have a solution. A quicker response from us here at Link can be reached by emailing [email protected]

We ourselves have not worked on the e-throttle body of a 2SZ-FE Yaris. The PID numbers required for different throttle bodies varies considerably. I know from working on other Toyota e-throttle bodies that they work by having a cable that goes from the Accel pedal to the throttle body, and the actual Foot Position Sensor is incorporated into the throttle body. Can you confirm if your Yaris e-throttle setup works in the same way?

On these types of setups getting the FPS and TPS calibrated can be a problem. A solution used on other Toyota e-throttle systems is to use the 'main' signal from the FPS and feed it into the two inputs required on the ECU, and same with the TPS. This means that the main and sub channels for both FPS and TPS are the same.

If the PID numbers are too far out the ECU can have problems calibrating the TPS. The smallest toyota e-throttle body PID numbers I have are for a Toyota Altezza, I can not say that these will be good for your Yaris, but they could be a better starting point.

Proportional Gain: 7.00

Integral Gain: 0.059

Derivative Gain: 45.00

Max Clamp: 90.0%

Min Clamp: -90.0%


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Fist of all I would to thank you because with your suggestion (main and sub channels for both FPS and TPS are the same) we past the problem with throtle but now we have a new
One .In set up mode we can calibrate the FPS AND TPS and in the last step we have an error 
But we pass the calibration and we have message that calibrate is finished (ok).The acceleration pedal work  but we have now  error 75 Electronic Throttle Position (Throttle Plate Position unable to track Target Position. In this fault state the throttle plate cannot maintain or achieve the desired target position. The Throttle Plate position and Target Position in steady state condition must remain at ALL times within ± 2% of each other. When the Target position is changing the excepted tolerance is adjusted based on its rate of change.  If this tolerance is exceeded for a continuous period of at least 2 seconds this fault code will be generated. )

Redo TPS calibration procedure. (done it and pass it all time with success)
Check Electronic Throttle Control tuning.(didn’t do anything yet)
Check mechanical operation of throttle actuator.(works fine we check and cleaned it) 

Previous you ask me to inform you if I have cable throttle on my car, my throttle bodie don’t have  cable that goes from the Accel pedal to the throttle body, and the actual Foot Position Sensor is not  incorporated into the throttle body. 

I believe if we past thru this we can able to  go open loop and tune the car.
Question :Can we change the ±2% target position thru PID settings or thru Throttle      Control tuning

Good morning,

I will reply to you on the forums because this info may help someone in the future.

Good to hear that your Yaris does not use the e-throttle setup that older toyotas used. Also good to hear you are makign progress towards getting this all working.

I suspect that your PID numbers are too far out from what the e-throttle body requires that the ECU can not make the throttle plate track the e-throttle target table.

There are a couple of things you can check/do:

1.Make sure the e-throttle is in setup mode. This allows the ECU to ignore e-throttle fault codes and is used while setting up the e-throttle only.

2. Set the e-throttle target table to match foot position. This is good for getting the e-throttle setup, and once the e-throttle is stable you can setup this table as you really want it.

3. Get the e-throttle stable without running the engine, this reduces the risk of something going wrong.

4. Here is a video on PID tuning: http://youtu.be/wbmEUi2p-nA Youtube has many others also. Use the Logging view in PCLink with the parameters 'TP(Main)' and 'E-throttle target' this will then allow you to see how they are interacting.

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