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Boost Gear Target Trim Table operation?

Matt Dunn

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Hi there,

I run the closed loop boost control from the Link G4+ Storm.

I also run a adjustable boost switch on the dash to change between settings.

All this works fine and has no issues.

I have the Boost Target Table currently with Boost Adjust on one axis and Wheel slip % on the other axis

and don't want to change them unless I have to, as it works well on the track.

What I am wanting to achive is to raise the boost by 1 - 2 psi while in 4th gear only.

I see there is a Boost Gear Target Trim Tabel which looks like it will do what I want.

"This gear base target trim table adds or subtracts an offset from the value in the boost target table based on gear position"

My question is what is the Offset? is that adding a percentage to the boost target or adding a number to the boost target?

If the boost target is normally 220kpa and I want the target to be 240kpa in 4th gear, what number do I enter in the gear table?

20 for an extra 20kpa or 9.1 for an extra 9.1% to get 240kpa?

I presume one of those is the correct answer or am I on the wrong track?

Any other downsides to working it this way?



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The 'Boost Gear Target Trim Table' values are in kPa. The 'Boost Gear Wastegate Trim Table'  is in % Duty Cycle.

So if you have '20' in the cell for gear 4 in the Boost Gear Target Trim Table your Boost Target parameter will increase by 20 kPa when in 4th gear.

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