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Request for Altezza 3SGE turbo base MAP

Joseph Yong

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Hi Scott, I hope you can provide me A base map for my altezza turbo. My setup is

3sge G1 

greddy trust bolt On kit with td04 turbo. Full Boost at 0.7

Saad 550cc injector

stage 1 fuel regulator.

Warbo fuel pump

Sard 68c termostat 

Modified throttle body without E-throttle 


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There is a basemap already available for Altezza, if you look in the "Base maps" sub directory of PClink.

I'm assuming you've got a wideband installed.

It should be enough to get you going, by loading that map and then tweaking the "master fuel" value up and down until it runs about right. Only really good until you can get it to a tuner though.

What ECU specifically are you using?

If you've got custom wired inputs and outputs, no one's going to be able to just give you a file that works. There's a fair bit of time in the configuration.

where abouts are you located?

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Absolutely, thats what I do... it helps with fuel economy when you've got the wideband set to be constantly trimming the fuel when cruising.

Do you already have a wideband kit for it? 

A few things to keep in mind...

1. Generally speaking the wideband needs to be mounted further downstream than a narrowband sensor, and it's very important that you have it mounted at the correct "depth". As in, the tip of the sensor should not be protruding into the exhaust stream at all like a narrowband does.
Generally they come with a bung that you weld into your exhaust, read the instructions for correct mounting location and position. 

2. Most widebands come with a Bosch sensor, there are two variants the 4.2 and 4.9 sensor. The 4.9 sensor has a better lifespan due to some design changes, I've used the 4.2 sensor and it now needs replacing after... less than a year.
So now I'm paying for the slightly more expensive 4.9 sensor on top of the original kit, the poor man pays twice!
The Bosch 4.9 sensor is used in lots of OEM cars and if mounted correctly etc is supposed to last 100,000kms if I recall.

Going to a wideband is definitely a great idea, not just for trimming fuel while cruising but it gives you invaluable information in your datalogs, if you ever go to the racetrack or whatever. If the car starts running rough you can quite quickly tell that either fuel is a problem, or it isnt.

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