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Dual fuel pump control

Grant Baker

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Hey Guys,

If you had two fuel pumps (lift and high pressure) and you wanted to switch one on before the other, is this feasible?

So for example, you switch on the ignition and would like the lift pump to turn on (for example) 0.5s before the HP pump.

I can see that you can set 2x Aux Outputs for Fuel Pump Control, but prime time is a single variable.

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Could you just configure the Aux outputs as a GP Output, set 'SW Cond 1' to 'Timer 1 >' and then set the delay time? The downside to this is there is no prime unless you did some clever things with the conditions & timers, you could say have the HP pump activate after the timer reaches 0.5s, then deactivate when the timer reaches 4s (or however long you want to prime) then activate so long as the RPM is above 50, Cond(1 AND 2) OR 3 looks promising

I played around and it looks like this might work, so long as the Timer 1 basically starts counting from the moment the ecu is powered.


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As Leiden said, you may be able to set the lift or fuel pump up as general purpose output. I would recommend putting an engine speed condition in there, so that should the car be in an accident and the engine stalls, the fuel or lift pump will shut off.


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The GP Output function I posted above waits 0.5s, primes the pump until the timer reaches 4s, the pump will run when the RPM is above 50 and will kill the fuel pump if the RPM falls below 50. Use that for your high pressure pump. You can adjust the timer depending on how long you want to wait before the prime and how long you want to prime for

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Tried this and it didn't work...

Not sure why, but won't play ball...

Ended up just using an RPM based GP Output condition so that it just turns on the high pressure pump when at 50RPM or more.

Weird one I did find is that if we set both fuel pumps as "Fuel Pumps" in the outputs, it will only fire one pump! Can't work out why.

Any ideas?

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