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Using high Independence injectors with VLLink


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I have Bosch ev14 high Independence 1000cc injectors currently installed on my RB30 SOHC.
I brought them before i got the VLLink plug & play ecu and I've now noticed that the ecu only works with low Independence injectors. :huh:

Can i run the High Independence injectors without issues, Or is it better to sell off my brand new high Independence set & perches Low Independence injectors 
Any information is regarded as helpful.

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thanks scott

As mentioned in previouly I have high impedance injectors. 

Is this the cord I'll need to use to run them? 

Also I have a innovate ecf-1 with wideband ,flex fuel & fuel prespressure  sensor what loom will I need to integrate all of that into my ECU?


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No you do not need the XS loom to run high impedance injectors. These will be wired in to the existing injector wiring (replacing the stock injectors)

The XS loom for this is needed if you wish to run 6 coils rather than the stock single coil.

There is also a second connector the same that offers inputs that would be used for connecting the wideband, fuel pressure sensor and the Flexfuel. So for this an XS loom would be needed.




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I'm not understanding the term "wired in" to me that  implies getting out tools and running lengths of cable ,soldering connections ect. As that's what I've been assuming needs to be done since told the ecu only works with low impedance injectors. again implying I had to use an alternate method to drive them. 

In fact I haven't even had my engine run more then a minute because of it. Now I'm lead to believe that its infact not the case. Simply confused and thankful that you have patience for situations such as this. 


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Thanks for your quick reply Adam. Just curious as I’m having fueling issues all of a sudden after running fine for a few drives. And after reading back through the manual I noticed it’s states when upgrading injectors to choose ones of correct low impedance

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Prob need to improve that comment in the manual, if you are replacing the stock injectors with different low impedance injectors then they need to be similar resistance to the stock ones since the P&H currents are hard coded.  But you can replace with high impedance no worries.  

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