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"Injector test" (Expanded functions for Test PWM)


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I've finally started piecing together my injector test bench.

I want to test:

-Injector deadtime at varying pressures and voltages

-CC rating / see how well injectors compare in a set

-Spray pattern at varying fuel pressures

So putting something together to physically acheive that is fine, I want my ECU to run it and datalog it though. 

What's the best way that I can control the injector with the ECU while the engine isnt running?

If I use Aux injection with a 1d table for a value at 0rpm, will that do anything? Or because it's 0rpm, will it only fire once/never.

The "PWM test" would be good but it only lets you specifiy the HZ with no control over pulsewidth etc.

It sounds like Aux injection can acheive everything I want, so long as it's able to work at 0rpm.

If there's currently no way to control the above, then could I please add to the wish list:

"Injector Test" function for aux outputs (Or just expanded test PWM function)

-Can specify HZ, but also ms opening time or % opening time

-Run the test for a certain number of events or for a certain time period. (Run for a minute, or run for say 500 events)

-Switchable on/off by a DI / virtual aux /  timer

-Able to datalog the above





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Hi I've  probably found a bug

The Advanced Injector 1 Test function doesn't work right if injection mode is set to off. It injects alot of fuel and the test doesn't stop. 

If i set injection mode to sequential and configure the injection outputs, it works fine. 

Please have a look. 

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