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Link G4+ R32 GT-R plug in ECU


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Hi, I have just purchased and installed the above into my R32.

However, I would like to know what exactly is the ECU being used. Is it the Extreme? Fury?

When my tuner was doing the initial tune, he was using his personal lambda sensor and analyser.

I have a Bosch Wideband O2 LSU 4.9 which I would like to use for my personnel data logging, and maybe to tune when I learn more.

Does the plug in ECU for the R32 GT-R has a built in lambda controller? I couldn't find the information in the website.

All is good if there is. If there isn't, what controller should I buy to be able to connect my Bosch sensor to the ECU?

Thank you.

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The plug-in ECUs have a top PCB and a bottom PCB. The top PCB is the one that does most of the work, and is a separate ECU that is only used in the plug-in ECUs, it is not the exact equivalent of any of the wire-in ECUs. It does not have an on-board wideband O2 controller, so a controller with either a 0 to 5v  or a CAN output is required. If using a controller with a 0 to 5v output, connect the output to any available Analog Volt channel. If using a controller with CAN output you will need to wire to the ECUs CAN H and CAN L connections, and then configure the CAN setup to suit the controller. There are many controllers on the market, I like the ones that are able to output data onto the CAN bus, as this avoids and problems with ground difference faults between ECU and controller.


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I bought the Innovate LC2, and the item will arrive tomorrow hopefully.

I do not think the LC2 has a CAN output, so I will probably need to wire the "Yellow" wire to an analog input.

Can I just select any An Volt input or there is a preference?


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