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Nissan S14 Launch Control more Bangs pls


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It looks like they have most settings already to suitable choices for burning fuel in the exhaust system. You could try adjusting the values in the Launch Control Fuel tables to see if you can achieve better results. Be careful when doing this, excessive heat and pressure can cause damage to engine or exhaust system components. Make small changes and keep an eye on the system. Often you will be altering the balance between building boost/pops/bangs/flames and how long the exhaust/turbo/engine will last.


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I really really give you a good tip, it's about the most risky thing you can do on a SR20det! DON't use any ignition cut or similary thing which pops and bangs. You are going to pop out rocker arms which can lead to a huge engine damage!

What Mapper said is spot on.  And the addition of rocker arm stoppers will just lead to even further damage.

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