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So I currently have single RPM launch control set up on the car via an switch with an inline clutch switch as I have no non driven wheel speed input. But I was going to set up latched launch control but it seems I have to choose to have one or the other setup not both, is there no way of having both types but using different inputs to activate them? I was planning on using my screen wash stalk to activate the latched launch using an inline switch to activate it. Thanks

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Hi Gents.

Any update on this - no way to use GP / Virtual Aux channels to get this right?

Maybe keep the launch mode as 'Latched launch' - When Speed < X km/h (DI for launch is the Clutch switch), when speed > X km/h (DI for launch is the push to hold button for rolling launch)?

Dont know if this is possible?




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Hi Jared,

Unfortunately no real way to make both methods work together at this time.  Although without thinking about it too deeply you could possibly use the launch control function for "latched launch" only and then use a GP RPM limit table to give you some effect quite similar to the "single RPM launch mode".

As Simon says it is on the working list but so are a million other important features so I suspect it is still some time off yet.

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Ok, I agree this is not elegant and you will still miss some features such as decay rate, but there are a few ways you can add some retard to your GP limit.  Depending on which ignition tables you have left you could possibly use the dual ign table (nicest option) or the 4 or 5d ign table, set the activation to either the same DI as activates the GP limit or use a virtual aux to activate it with some other conditions such as timers thrown in for extra complexity... 

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