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Fuel pump prime


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Hi Guys

Ive got an issue that is really bugging me.

I turn the ignition on and the fuel pump primes as it should. Im assuming the pump should not prime again unless the ignition is switched off/on again. But, the pump will then prime randomly over a period of time if sat with the ignition on. If the car is started everything runs as it should.

Something i noticed when the pump primes, is that in aux outputs the fuel pump lights up and says ON (AUX6), but so does the tacho (AUX4) and isc solenoid (AUXFUEL7). Not sure if this is related or not.

Its an R32 gtr with the fuel pump controler removed and the setting in the ecu is changed to basic low side drive relay and the pump is wired up accordingly.

Im stumped. Im thinking is there a setting somewhere that ive missed or is the ecu doing something that i cant configure?

Any help is appreciated.





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DANBOB, can you do a PC log with all parameters recorded - do this with ignition on, engine off.  I would also like you to do a trigger scope with engine not running.

Email both of those and a copy of your .pclr to: BGfzSPG.png  Include a little note referencing this post and we'll see if we can spot what is causing the issue.

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So Link tech got back to me and said there was noise on the trigger causing the fuel pump to prime and asked to check again with the CAS disconnected .

So i did. It worked. Pump now primes once and not again and again. I also have an old CAS lying around so plugged that one in to see. Again perfect.

It seems the CAS is faulty. The thing is i bought a new electronic bit that fits inside the casing from a aussie company. Seems its Faulty. Have to get on to them about it

Thank you


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