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Ethanol Blending Input


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Hi All.

My last input that I need to wire into my ECU is the Ethanol Sensor (from an Innovate ethanol gauge 0-5V output).

I have however run out of DI's which i know are preconfigured for ethanol blending.


A)  Can someone indicate where I can free up a DI as per the attached list and maybe move a DI already configured to an Analog Input?

*B) Can I setup an analog input to work with the ethanol input of 0-5V and allocate this to ethanol blending?

Hope there is a way around this. 



DI & AI Capture.JPG

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I would loose the start position and move the AC request down. to DI 8 so the content sensor can be wired to DI3.

I would also wire the content sensor straight to the ecu instead of having it come from the gauge via the 0-5 volt.

The reason for this is that coming from the gauge  you only get a content value from the 0-5volt fed to the AN volt channel, while when the sensor is wired properly to a digital input you will get a content value and fuel temperature.

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Thanks for the input Brad.  

I was under the impression that the 'start' as an input was needed for the ecu to know when one wants to actually crank the car?  Is this not the case?

I was under the impression that the content sensor needs a 'driver' of sorts?  Can my link G4+ Fury be coupled directly to the ethanol sensor? *SHOCKED*


Jared :)

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Hi Jared,

It looks like you might have a Link subaru V10 plug-in ECU. On this application the ECU does not control the starter motor. However the 'Start Position' is used for Pre Crank Prime. If you do get rid of 'Start Position' be sure to set the Pre Crank Prime Mode to Key On.

Digital inputs 1 to 8 are able to accept the signal directly from the Ethanol Content Sensor. Normally the Pullup Resistor would be set to ON.

You might also consider sacrificing the clutch, brake or cruise control switch inputs.


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Hi Scott.

I have a Fury Wire in.  But its wired into a V10 Subaru. :)

My car is an ADM version, and doesnt use the clutch for a safe start - in its OEM format you can crank the starter with your foot off of the clutch and the clutch not pressed in.  (No Safeties). I would like to retain the Clutch and Brake Inputs which are used in conjunction with the Cruise Control - would like to retain this as well. :)


I wish I had known that the Ethanol Sensor could be wired in directly - would've saved me  a good few hundred $$$!!!! lol

From the info. i have found on the phone - both Fuel Temp and Ethanol % are read from the 1-wire from the ethanol sensor - so I just need the 1 extra DI for the two signals?

If this is the case I will definitely scrap the starter input and do the prime based on Key-On. :)  Any downfalls to this - other than one mustnt switch the key on/off/on/off etc. haha




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