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E throttle. Foot position sensors questions


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Hi there so im currently putting the final touches into my MA70 Toyota supra running a G4+ extreme

Ive decided to set the car up E-throttle the throttle body ive got is a Bosch DV-E5

But havent come up with a confirmed plan yet for the foot pedal, After assessing the OEM pedal we have decided to keep the pedal to have things nice and factory

and modify it as required with two sensors. I was thinking the 3-wire thru style sensor that's offered would fit our application nicely

Something along the lines of this offered by NZEFI http://www.nzefi.com/product/throttle-position-sensor-black/

My question is a clockwise and counter clockwise option is available, but it would be much easier to modify to have both sensors side by side but then the regarding the voltage,

As i understand FPS main is designed to go 0-5V and FPS sub goes 5v to 0V right? or can they both go 0V-to 5V and the link will compare them happily?

Just not quite sure on the ins and outs of this

Thanks very much


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There did use to be clockwise and anti clockwise sensor option but now this is not the case and using the thru style will be the go.

From the ECU end we don't care if both voltages span in the same direction or oppose each other.



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^ but then I would still have to modify the Subaru pedal into the car and I could gurantee it would be in a funny position with a fully kink in the pedal or something. This was why we decided to stick with the oem pedal.

But thank you all very much for your advice it was exacly what I was looking for. This is why we drive link, top advice, quick advice and the technology to back it all up.

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