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Running out of fuel - RB26

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I am currently tuning a R33 GTR. I am using the modeled fuel model to calculate fuel on this project.

If you look at the log i am running out of fuel above 4,5k (tip-in hasn´t been tuned yet). I think it is a bit strange, cause the inj duty is only 55% and i already hit the fuel table limit with 150.

On the first look of the fuel tables shape i would say it is a hardware issue, but if looking on the data i would say i need to rescale the fuel table. But i haven´t found a way to do something like this. It would also make no sense, cause i thought the modeled fueling will generate a true VE map.

Perhaps somebody has an advice for me. :-)



patrick kein sprit.llg


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I agree with the others here, appears to be a fuel press problem.  Note also the stock GTR has FP speed controller(s) so if they are still connected make sure they are configured and working correctly.  It appears there are 3 speed modes controlled by two aux outputs.  There is some info on set up in the help file if you need it.


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