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3SGTE Rpm Limit Problem


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I´m  running a Link G4 Storm (silver Case) wire in ECU in my Toyota Mr2 W2 with the 3SGTE Generation 3 engine.

Engine running fine but it Revs only 6000rpm but the RPM Limit is set to 7400rpm.

We have no idea why.:wacko:

Specs are:

Coil on Plug from 1zzfe

Valvetrain stock

camshaft from N/A engine

Borg Warner EFR 6758

Forged Engine

Sard 800ccm Injectors

The map is uploaded

Please Help :)



Zankll Florian.pcl

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On an initial look through the log the ECU is not applying any limits.

I do notice your dwell is on the high side for the coils you are running. I would reduce this down to 2.5ms and see if you have any difference.


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That is just to do with the color set up of the parameters it is not a sign the limit is actually active.

If you go to the runtimes window (r or F12) then go to the Triggers/Limits tab it will show there if a limit is active.

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