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Closed loop boost control on Impreza STI

Tim D

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Hi, I have been researching closed loop boost control and came across a previous post that has deterred me, please could you comment on the following?...

Andre Simon's post:
I've mentioned this in a previous thread here, however I'll just caution you that the current closed loop boost control in the G4+ is problematic. Particularly if you're fussy, you'll find it impossible to get 100% accurate and repeatable boost. Link are aware of this and there is an update in the pipeline. Until then personally I'd use the passive closed loop setup discussed in the course.

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Thanks to both Adamw and Brad for your replies.

I mentioned my wish to experiment with closed loop boost control to my trusty tuner, Martyn Jeffery, who promptly returned my .pclr file with closed loop enabled and the various parameters set to a good starting point.  


Having progressively done a few logs, the results are far better than I could have hoped for.  Nicely in control and no overshoot.  Thanks Martyn, great job!  I will continue monitoring under various conditions, but I am confident that it is running safely and in control.


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