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106 injection rate


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Hi iv fitted storm ecu to boosted 106 gti.

I'm sure it runs batch fire and group injection.

It only has crank sensor.  Base timing set to 270 offset and 0 ref.  Injector 1 and 4 are wired together and so are 2 and 3 from standard.

Iv wired no 1 and 4 = inj drive 1 and 2 and 3 = inj drive 2. 

I'm using multi point group but iv also got it running on single point today. Injection rate is set to 540 but I don't think this is correct. Can someone please help. I know it injects out of faze but how far after? 

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Maybe my trigger settings are wrong. I have a reference of 0 tdc and 267deg in my offset. The two teeth missing are bottom dead when engine cilynder 1 and 4 tdc. The sensor is approximately 90 degree atdc. So basically when my cells have 0 in it should be tdc 20 should be 20btdc someone please clear this up

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Hello Adam , on your wiring which is your cylinder "1" ? 

the PSA engine have for cylinder "1" the 1st piston near Gearbox. 

Also the OEM crank sensor is a bit "slow" you need to change the arming voltage as well to make it "sync" faster .

i can send over a wiring for such engines done lot of them ;) 



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