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Link G4+ and big injectors


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Hello everyone, 

I'm running a Link G4+ plug and play ECU in my EJ207 powered WRX and I'm going with a rotated 7670 Borg Warner and flex fuel. I currently have ID1000 injectors on flex fuel and know I will max these out before i hit my goal, so I am looking for a bigger set of injectors. Guys running the factory Subaru ECU seem to have issues with larger injectors because the ECU doesn't handle the low PW required to idle 91oct very well. Seeing that I am running flex fuel, I will occasionally be running 91oct when I cant find e85, so I am curious about how well the Link ECU does with low pulse-widths idling 91oct. I plan to aim for about 450-500WHP on e85, so I'm leaning toward the ID1700/ID2000 but if drive-ability on 91oct will be poor, I can consider the ID1300 and see about running higher fuel pressure? I can also see about running a higher idle speed for 91oct if that will make or break a larger injector set.


I appreciate any insight! 


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2000's might be pushing it with petrol but 1700's will be fine provided you get them from a reputable supplier that gives accurate characterisation data - specifically short pulse width adders will be imporatant for you (Injector Dynamics do give you this info, many others dont.)

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