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2jzgte nonvvti 650cc base map


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Hi all,

Going to be really cheeky and see if anyone’s got a base map for a 2jzgte non vvti with sard 650cc injectors I could use.

Ive got the car cranking wants to fire but somethings not right, tested the injectors, coils etc all works, just when I crank, on the aux channel panel, it’s telling me the injectors and ignition are off, even when I’m testing them. Pretty sure all settings are correct, atm all I’ve done is download the Supra base map for the extreme and change the injector sizing, aux, analog, digital inputs etc.


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Hi, Calibrated triggers, on the extreme Supra basemap it has a different trigger setup than what it lists on the engine specific information for the 2jzgte. On trigger 2 filtering level is level 1 instead of level 2. Also would it mater what one of the Cam sensors I’m using cam sensor 2 as per the Supra link pinout. 

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Yes it will matter which cam sensor you are using.  

Typically both will work(just different trigger reference angle).

But i have experienced trigger issues with one of them(cant remember which one) that would have the crank and cam signaling at the same moment at varying rpms under load and it would throw things out of wack.  Sounded like hitting limiter but it was not.

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Got it, changed from modelled to traditional fuel mode and after a lot of cranking finally fired and now ideling perfectly, I can finally get a decent nights sleep, this has been driving me mad. Had to play around with the fueling a little bit but got there. Thanks for your help people, greatly appreciated.  

It’s good to know that there’s lots of people on this forum that are willing to help, one of the main reasons I went for a link ecu. Was running a hks fcon before and trying to get help and info of people was a complete nightmare.

Cheers, Dan

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