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injector dead time


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i have a set of bosch 1650cc injectors and was wondering how do I go about entering the dead times in to the ecu I have been supplied with this dead time table but the link one has more voltages in it? 


do I just enter the offset in the voltages and then do the table smother out and see how it goes?


851-1650 Latency.jpg

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if you have a fuel pressure sensor wired into the ecu, I would set it up with a 3d table and enter the dead times just as they are there.

If the injectors are very close to the Injector Dynamics 1700cc injectors, i would see how close this data is to them and maybe just use the ID data as it is more complete and will work better if trying to use the modelled fuel mode.

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5 hours ago, simonjob said:

yeah i have tryed that it is locked out and wont let me do it but i think i have it sorted now thanks for all the info 


For future reference, you turn on the 3D deadtime table, then your axes will be user configurable - you can turn the 2nd axis off if you dont want 3D.

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