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1jzvvti VVT errors please help


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Hi All

My name is Harry and I have 1jzvvti s14. Stock. Long story short, i have been having issues with the tune


I logged the run at the track and found the VVT errors in the file. It also has a trigger error 1. The cam angle test is set to 'Inlet LH'. I believe this should be off?

My knowledge for VVT is basic and any help to rectify this would be greatly appreciated

The car while drifting starts cutting power out like fuel cut


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Please post a current copy of the calibration the car is running for further indepth answers.

But yes cam angle test should be set to off.  Only needs to be turned on when initially setting the VVT offset angle.

The last VVT 2j i did wound up with a VVT offset of 169.5, based on the screen grab you posted, yours would be 170.

Hope this will point you in the right direction.

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Ok, your misfire is due to trigger errors at high RPM so the ECU is applying the rev limiter.  Your trigger scope looks nice so I think the most likely cause of the trigger error is just the filtering is set too high.  Change both trig 1 & 2 filtering to level 2.  The trig 1 arming threshold table has an odd value in it that should be fixed too.

For the VVT, turn the cam angle test off and change the frequency setting on Aux 1 to 250Hz should probably get that working.

Also can you tell us what it has for an ignition system (coils/ignitors) - 2J & 1J's dont like much dwell and yours has lots - that may cause a misfire too so we need to confirm if you still have stock Toyota ignition or not.

To start with change all the settings in red below to match my example:


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Hi Adam,

I have stock coils and ignition system

I really thank you very much for helping me out here.

I will apply these changes and let you know how I do

in mean time, can you please help with setup of the dwell table?

many thanks



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10 hours ago, lS7440 said:

I have stock coils and ignition system

Ok, set your dwell table up to look like below.  Those ignitors have over-current protection and will usually start cutting sparks with more than about 1.8ms


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