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KnockBlock G4+ logging


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Hey guys I've just been searching on this and can't seem to find my answer... I have been road tuning with my KnockBlock G4+ unit, which is great, but I just noticed that the KnockBlock tech specs say that I can use the output for knock sensor freq output in PCLink which would make life so much easier given that I also have a KnockLink hooked up that I watch very closely

The ECU I am using on this particular car is a Monsoon, which appears to have a 0-5V analogue input available for knock but I can't seem to find any data on what the audio output from the KnockBlock is... or whether I can in fact just wire a 3.5mm audio jack from the output straight into the ECU? 

Cheers and happy Friday!


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oh great, thanks! this makes much more sense :)

*edit* was a big boy and figured out the volume control after some twiddling.. surprising how much gain it required to produce the recommended amount of 'visual' signal..I have ended up with the knockblock volume knob at full, and the computer input control and full plus the PCLink slider at around 80 - 90% does this seem right?? 

what's slightly more surprising (and concerning) is how much knock it displayed that I couldn't hear through the headphones! this particular engine has not a single mounting point for the sensor on the block, so have mounted two sensors on the side of the head which feeds back a huge amount of valve train noise. not ideal but I'm using the same positions that every [reputable] tuner has used on it in the past so hopefully what I'm deciding is valve train noise through the headphones is just that... I suppose time will tell 

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