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V6, lambda different bank to bank


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Wondering if anyone can have a look here, and offer some suggestions on why my bank v bank lambda are so different, seemingly only over a very narrow injector pw range... Looks most prevalent between 0.5 and 0.7/8 ms (effective). I'm a bit confused because they are quite close at idle which is less pw, and then come close again about 1ms or slightly more throttle, above about 10%

Could be actual injector linearity?

Could be throttle bodies not synced?

I have no values in the short pw adder table, I've considered punching some values in there to bump up the areas identified a little. Have considered adding a few % to each cyl on that the lean bank but trying to avoid that.

Am I missing something that stands out as an issue?

I have CL fuel on in these files (motorbike is broken so having to commute in the zed, scary stuff) but the behaviour is the same with CL off.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp3m17a4h240y88/VG30 part tune6.pclr?dl=0

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I'm running individual throttle bodies on my Z and have the same problem , I just assumed it was syncing between the throttle bodies but now you've said this I may get my spare injectors cleaned and tested and swap them over


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Due to the odd throttle linkage thing those Zeds have I would be most suspicious of the throttle blade sync.  I would look at some sort of test to verify.  That could possibly be a second MAP sensor, two cheap vacuum gauges or maybe something like a change over valve so you can quickly switch your MAP from one plenium to the other...

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That’s common on zeds I had the same problem on my zed as well so I have added 0.5% on cylinders 2,4 and 6 and that fixed the problem on low vacuum and cruising areas but lambda 2 still a bit leaner on high loads. 

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