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Wheel speed issue


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Hi guys,


I have tuned a rally car on the dyno. Car is running great but  I have an issue with deactivating the launch control since it is wheel speed based. When I log everything the ecu doesn't seem to see any speed input (DI5 is setup to VSS). 

What I don't get is when I plug in the MXL2 dash I can see the speed. 

I understand the MXL2 gets the information via CAN-BUS. But why i am not able to see the speed when I unplug the aim to log and tune the LINK ecu ?

Here is a log attached.

Thank you for your inputs. 



anvolt2full rich.llg

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If you log DI5 do you see any input? I've seen it before where a DI was set to VSS, but the setting under chassis>speed sources was still set to "none" and so even though the DI log would show a kph value, it wasnt being recognized as "vehicle speed" by the internal processes in the ECU.

[edit] noticed you had already posted a log and it shows no frequency input on any DI, so this is not your issue right now.

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I agree with Brad, the ECU doesn't appear to have knowledge of the wheel speed (assuming your laptop logged every parameter?), so that suggests that the cluster is getting CAN data directly and not from the ECU I think.  Can you get to the cluster to see what's connected (maybe?) 

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