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Really annoying cold start problem.


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Morning all

First post here and need some help I have a really annoying cold start problem. .....

Its only present when the car is totally cold & stood overnight.

Start the car roll off the drive pull off on idle to keep the neighbours happy and as I gentle accelerate she splutters and tries to die give get to end of the road and give it some more normal revs and splutters then clears and fine for the rest of the day! 

Now this morning she’s sat for 2x days  turned the key she just kept turning over tried again kept turning over and as I let key off MASSIVE backfire! Poo’d a little then tried again and started fine!?!? Iv had it do this not start then back fire 2x other times as well when very very cold and also when very cold it has hunted as well when pulling up to traffic lights. 


My mapper suggested a big plenum vac leak as it was hunting and it’s prob sealing itself when hot checked it myself found nothing sent her in for a smoke test found nothing... I’m a bit stumped now and a bit pissed off my car is acting like uncle bucks on cold mornings lol 



thanks all John 

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Here's my current map and a log I took and sent over to my mapper with the problem happening around 14sec in. If anything it feels like its overfueling especially when it doesn't start and then backfires 





How come its gets worse as the temps get colder on a warm morning you wouldn't notice a problem on a frosty morning struggle to get down the road 

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Without a lambda connected we are shooting in the dark but comparing to a couple of other RB maps your warm up enrichment table has a lot smaller numbers in it especially around the 10-30deg region which would be a common cold start temp.  So try the attached map, I have just copied our default warmup enrichment table into it.  You can always change back to your map above if it doesnt improve. 

JOHNBROWNR32GTST warm up enrichment changed.pclr

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